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Transparent prices are very important to us. Each cleaner on the platform determines his own hourly rate for one-off and regular bookings. Meaning that as a customer, you can also choose what you want to pay for a cleaning. In the booking process, you select a personal price range which will help you to find a cleaner that fits your wishes.
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Reasons to book at Helpling

Helpling's marketplace is transparent

All cleaners on our platform have a personal profile where they can present themselves. In this public profile you can read reviews from other customers, but also the hourly rate they charge for a cleaning.

Secure online payments

All payments are processed securely online. Customers pay safely through their Helpling account and manage the booking via desktop or the mobile app.

Helpful customer service

Is there still something not clear to you? Do you need help? Then you can contact our customer service.If your regular cleaner can’t make it to the appointment, we can try to find a replacement for you. That way you don't have to skip a cleaning.

The benefits of Helpling

Black market


Reliable cleaners: All cleaners have a public profile with customer reviews.
Easy booking: Find a cleaner in just a few clicks.
Adjust to your wishes: Book a one-off, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.
Determine your own price:You will only be offered cleaners that match your price range.
Always flexible: Reschedule your bookings or cancel appointments if it’s inconvenient.
Dedicated customer service: You can reach our team 6 days a week.
Easy online payment: with iDEAL, credit card, PayPal or automatic collection.
View reviews: The public profiles of cleaners show you how others valued their service.
Insured for major damage: Insurance in case of material damage resulting from the clean.


Why do the cleaners differ in price?

All of the cleaners registered on our platform set their own hourly rates, and so you as a customer can choose your price range by selecting cleaners. The price they set often depends on the average price in their area, the cleaning experience they have acquired and whether they are willing to do special chores at home. Consider, for example, ironing, window cleaning or doing laundry. In addition, helpers often charge a higher rate for a one-off booking than for a regular booking.

How does the payment work?

All payments are processed securely online. After cleaning you will receive a digital invoice. You can select iDeal, automatic debit, credit card and Paypal as payment options. If the cleaner needed less time than planned, this will of course be processed and you will not pay this. If more time is needed, this is always in consultation.

What is the price range?

A weekly or biweekly booking starts at € 14.60 per hour and a one-off booking starts at € 16.60 per hour. Helping is a marketplace so the cleaners set their own hourly rates themselves. This also means that you can decide for yourself what you want to pay for a cleaner. When you make a booking, you can select different cleaners with different hourly rates. Is none of them available? Then we look for another help with a similar price.

Why is a recurring booking cheaper?

The purpose of Helpling is to establish long-term relationships. It has been found that the service for both cleaners and households works the easiest with a cleaner on a regular basis. So this is something we would like to encourage. In addition, the first booking is also the most work for us, because we have to look for a cleaner that matches your wishes. After the first appointment you coordinate things together and you can manage and change your appointments yourself.

Do I have to pay an application fee to use Helpling?

No, you do not have to pay an application fee or registration costs to use Helpling. Even if you want to change your cleaner for whatever reason, we will help you without extra costs. To make use of Help Ling we ask a commission on each clean.

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