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How it works

Find the cleaner who suits your needs in just a few clicks.

1. Enter your postcode

Enter your postcode to find cleaners available in your area.

2. Choose your preferred date

Select the preferred date, time and frequency of your clean.

3. Select the cleaners that suit your preferences

Compare cleaner profiles, prices and select who will receive your request.


How Helpling works

Helpling is an online marketplace where domestic cleaners and households can make appointments and manage them. The cleaners are private individuals who offer their services via and work our platform by using the government ruling ‘Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis’. Thanks to Helpling, households can find a cleaner within a minute. For cleaners, Helpling is the easiest way to find new customers and build a customer base.

Based on your zip code you can check whether Helpling is active in your city. We’re currently live in more than 50 cities in The Netherlands. Choose your desired duration of the clean and the day, time and frequency that fits you. After that, our website shows you available cleaners in your neighborhood. All cleaners have a profile on which you can see the reviews, experience, and personal price of the cleaner. Based on this information, you can select different cleaners that match your budget and wishes. The selected cleaners receive your booking request and the first to accept it will come and clean your home!

You can view upcoming appointments, change appointments if necessary and view your invoices in your personal account. The payment will start after the cleaning job is finished.

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Helpling is the leading platform for cleaning services in the Netherlands. Through our website and app you can find a local cleaner within minutes, to help you with every cleaning need you might have. Are you active as a cleaner and do you want to extend your customer base? Then Helpling is your solution as well. You decide on your price, your preferred working hours and days. You can even build up references with our build in review system.

Helpling is currently active in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Singapore and the UAE.

The domestic cleaners that you can find via Helpling work as private individuals on an independent basis via the platform. A large proportion of the cleaners have gained experience and high hygiene standards in the home care or cleaning sector, but also certainly in their own home and personal environment. The cleaners come from different backgrounds, but all have high hygiene standard. When cleaners register with Helpling, we check their ID. A lot of the cleaners also have a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). You’ll see this in the cleaner’s profile, as well as their rating and references from the clients they’ve worked for. On average, cleaners who have joined Helping score a 4.8/5 star rating!

When you, as a customer, look for a domestic cleaner through Helpling, you choose a someone who, in accordance with Dutch law, performs household work on the basis of an employment contract under application of the Home Services Regulations. This means that a client – a private household – can employ someone else for work in and around the house for a maximum of 4 days a week. As a household, after you have accepted the booking request, you become the employer of the domestic help. Officially, this means that you can only end the relationship in consultation or for a legitimate reason. A notice period also applies upon termination of the employment contract. You can choose to make appointments. The central government has made a model contract available that you can use. We have added the model contract to our General Terms and Conditions so that you can use it.

If you make a new booking for a clean on and after June 14, you pay a €34.90 matching fee. Cleaners who work via the platform determine their hourly rate themselves. Typically, the hourly rate fluctuates between €14-€20 per hour, depending on experience and ratings. You pay the cleaner directly, it is no longer paid via the direct debit through the Helpling platform. We advise to make payments via a payment request or bank transfer.

Helpling has insurance for material damage. If something breaks because of the cleaner, you can claim this damage insurance that covers damage up to € 5,000,000. A deductible of €25 is included in the conditions. As a household and therefore the employer of your cleaner, you should ensure a safe working environment. If injuries are caused by an unsafe working environment, you as an employer are responsible for the damage suffered.

Enter your zip code on the website to start the booking process. Then fill in the details of your request such as the date, time, duration of the cleaning. The profiles of the cleaners in your area will appear and are available. Here you can select the cleaner(s) of your preference. It is advisable to select multiple profiles to increase the chance of a match.

If it is not possible to match your request with the cleaner(s) of your choice, someone from the Support team will contact you. We can then try to find a match for you. Still no success? Then we will refund the amount to you.

If you are matched, you can communicate via the chat in the Helpling app. You can discuss together whether you prefer to do this via WhatsApp or email.

The household provides the cleaning products and materials. It may be that the cleaner has a preference for a certain brand or cleaning item. We often see that this is a nice topic to discuss between the household and the cleaner.

Every household is different. Before the first cleaning, it is good to coordinate what needs to be done and what your wishes are. We advise you to walk around the house during the first visit and to indicate details and specific wishes for each room. Also explain where all cleaning products and materials can be found.

It is wise to be home for the first cleaning of your booking series to get acquainted and familiarize yourself with your cleaner. Some households choose to give their cleaner a spare key, but this decision is based on individual preferences. Please note that Helpling is not part of the key handling process.

We always ask the domestic cleaner who work via our platform to contact you themselves in the event of absence or illness. This way you can look together at the possibilities for a new appointment, for example. If you want replacement help to come in the short term, you can contact our customer service to set up a short-term request. Have you scheduled a weekly or bi-weekly appointment with your cleaner? In that case, keep in mind that you as an employer have an obligation to continue to pay in the event of illness for a maximum of 6 weeks, at a minimum of 70% percent of the wage or the minimum wage.

Your questions have not yet been answered? Feel free to visit our support page.