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Please always keep the following recommendations in mind

Minimize contact

Minimize contact with the eachother, agree in advance how you do this. For example, households can leave the house or sit in a different room during the clean.

Aligning on the necessary equipment

Determine with each other if the cleaner wants to use more or different (disinfection) products.

Buy disinfection products

Buy disinfection products such as household alcohol or bleach products, including disinfection wipes.

Stay in touch with each other

Discuss whether cleaning can continue.

Notify eachother

If you think there is an infection risk

Anticipate your cancellations

Discuss in advance with each other whether cleaning can continue to avoid unnecessary traveling to the household if the cleaning appoinment is cancelled.

Providers might bring and wear personal protective equipment and have had the opportunity to attend a webinar about cleaning and extra hygenic measures during COVID-19. In the public profiles of the cleaners you can easily see who has indicated to wear a mask and/or gloves during the clean. Also, you can check whether the cleaner has attended the COVID-19 webinar.

Additional tips for cleaners

Home cleaning is more important than ever

Limit the potential presence of the virus in your home thanks to a thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

Limit the economic impacts for the cleaners and consider continued payment if the clean cannot take place.

FAQs for customers

Can I book a cleaner during the Corona pandemic?

The Helpling platform is active. You can still invite your cleaner into your home, although we do recommend keeping 1,5m distance from each other. We recommend both households and cleaners to contact each other when there are doubts about the clean taking place because of health issues or symptoms. You can easily contact your cleaner though the Helpling app/your account by clicking on "message" on the overview page. Do you have symptoms? Then we recommend you to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

How can I contact my cleaner after I have made a booking?

You can contact your cleaner via the chat function in your account. In case your cleaner does not reply, please let us know. We will also try to get in touch with your cleaner.

What kind of commitment do I have after I have booked a cleaner?

That depends on the booking you have made (repeat booking or one-off booking). You can always cancel individual appointments, you can do this in your account or in the app. After logging in to the app in your account, click on "manage" in the overview. Here you can choose to cancel one or more individual appointments. You can choose to provide your help with a financial contribution despite the cancellation, Helpling does not charge any commission on those payments. The amount goes directly to your cleaner. Do you want to cancel your entire booking? You can do that by clicking “manage my booking” on the overview page, scroll down and then click “cancel my entire booking”.

What precautions or measures do the cleaners take?

The cleaners on the platform have the option to indicate in their profile whether they will wear a mask and / or protective gloves during the clean. The cleaners can also attend a webinar about hygiene measures and cleaning during coronavirus. When making a booking you can see if a cleaner is wearing a mask, wearing gloves and / or has attended the webinar.

FAQs for cleaners

Can I still go to my bookings?

The Helpling platform remains active, also during the Corona Pandemic. You can still clean at the homes of your customers. We do recommend you to comply with government guidelines, especially the 1,5m distance. We also recommend you to get in touch with your customers to discuss whether the clean should still take place. You can easily contact them by using the chat function in the Helpling app/your account.

What should I do if I am sick or if I have health concerns?

The RIVM guidelines right now are that you should stay inside if you have a cold, are coughing or sneezing. If you or anyone in your household has a fever, you should stay at home as well. We recommend that you contact your customers if this is the case.

How can I contact my customer?

You can contact your customer through the Helpling Chat or by phone. You can find this in your account by clicking on "more", "customers" and then the specific customer you want to contact.

If I want to cancel, how can I do that?

We recommend that you contact the customer you want to cancel first. They can cancel the bookings for you or you can contact us afterward to cancel the appointments for you.

Will Helpling pay me if I can't work?

Unfortunately not. Helpling is not your employer, the customers you work for are. We understand that these are very uncertain times, but unfortunately we are not in a position to offer you financial support. We have made it possible however, for customers to pay you, even if the bookings will not take place. The customer will not pay commission over this amount.