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Looking for a cleaning job in your area?

Work flexibly, and earn money fast and fair.

How it works

1. Register & create your profile

Set your price and working hours within your profile.

2. Receive offers

You'll receive offers right away and you decide which ones you accept.

3. Earn money right away

Receive your payout directly from your customers

How much can I earn on the Helpling platform?

Your hourly price: 13

Your weekly availability: 15uur

Your potential sales per month: 845.00

1. Register easily online

Sign up with your email address and phone number. Upload the necessary documents and personalize your profile. To finish up the registration, you’ll attend a webinar to learn everything about the platform. After the registration is complete you can decide how many hours per week you want to work, in which region and what you want your hourly rate to be. For example, if you live in Amsterdam, that is the region you’ll work in. Now you can start building or expanding your customer base.

2. Receive offers

After you’ve completed the registration, you will receive the first booking requests directly by email or in the Helpling App. Indicate whether you want to receive recurring or one-off requests. You will find an overview of all your requests in your account. You manage your agenda, so you remain flexible.

3. Start earning!

As a cleaner working through the Helpling platform, you determine your income yourself. You can adjust your hourly rate, availability and region to your own needs at any time. You manage the payments directly with your customers, through a payment request or direct deposit for example.

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Helpling is an online marketplace for where supply and demand for household work meet. This means that we can bring you as a provider of services into contact with private households. Helpling enables you to build or expand your customer base quickly. The platform will give you access to a large customer base. In your profile on you will chose where, when and for what price you want to work. You can also enter your preferences for frequency or if you want to clean with pets in the house. You can enter references from earlier jobs and the reviews from customers found through the Helpling platform will be visible in your profile as well.
Based on your availability your profile will be shown to households looking for a cleaner. They choose based on the profiles they see, who they want to send a request. You choose whether you want to accept or decline that request.

If you work through the Helpling platform, you do so through the Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis (Home Service Scheme). You work as a private individual for other private households. The households are your employer and they are the one you make agreements with about working hours, holidays and so on.
For more information about the Home Service Scheme you can check the website of the Government. (Page in Dutch).

Registering on the platform is easy. Make sure you have your passport or ID near you, you will need this during the registration process. Do you want to work via Helpling but are you not from a country in the European Union? Then we need a residence permit stating that you can work freely in the Netherlands without a working permit. You can register in just a few easy steps. Enter your personal details, your availability and the region you want to work in. Upload your ID and that’s it, you are ready to get started.

If you create an account you will be visible for households who created an account on the Helpling platform like you. Household can select you and that is how you will receive booking requests. These requests come by e-mail, text or a notification in the Helpling app. You can also subscribe to a request that has not been accepted by someone else yet. The household will select their preferred provider from the cleaners that have registered. You decide which offers you want to accept, so that you always remain flexible.

You can make your profile more attractive for households by adding a profile photo, profile text and / or external references. Once you have started working through the platform you can also ask for reviews from your customers. In addition, it is possible to request a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) via Helpling. Households will be able to see that you have a VOG. Don’t forget to set your preferences in your account (with regards to pets or ironing for example) so you will only receive the booking requests that suit you.

That is completely up to you! You decide what hourly rate you want to set. However, in your account you can see what other cleaners in your area and with the same experience on the platform ask on average. Of course you can first try out which hourly rate suits you best and you can adjust this at any time. This is only for new requests. You will have to make arrangements with your existing customers yourself.

Via the chat function, which can be found in your personal account, it is easy to contact the household. Click on the “chat” button in your account and click on the name of the customer you want to contact. The customer will receive a notification of your message and this way the customer can respond again via the app.
You can also find the contact details of your customers in your account.

If you receive booking requests as a cleaner via Helpling, the customer is supposed to take care of the cleaning supplies. We recommend that you discuss which cleaning products are available for cleaning and whether the necessary equipment such as vacuum cleaners or mops are in working order.

That is up to you and the household. You will make arrangements that suit both of you. We advise to make use of online bank transfer or a payment request. Payments do not go through the Helpling platform. On the Helpling platform you can see which hourly rate you agreed on for the appointments, so you can always look this up.

When you work through the platform, you work via the Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis (Home Service Scheme). This means that you work as a private individual for private households. The Helpling platform is not meant for cleaning in companies or offices. Is the customer a company or office? Then contact us as soon as possible.

No this is not necessary. If you work as a cleaner via the Helpling platform, you work through the Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis (Home Service Scheme). This means that you are a private individual and not a freelancer or independent contractor. Helpling is not your employer, but only a mediator between customers and cleaners.
However, you do have to submit your income to the Belastingdienst (Tax Service). You can do this at the income tax submission under the heading “resultaat uit overige werkzaamheden”.

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