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How it works

1. Enter your postcode
1. Vul je postcode in

Enter your postcode to find cleaners available in your area

Vind huishoudelijke hulpen bij jou in de buurt door je postcode in te vullen

2. Choose your preferred date
2. Kies je datum en tijd

Select the preferred date, time and frequency of your clean

Kies de gewenste frequentie, duur, datum en tijd van je schoonmaak.

3. Select the cleaners that suit your preferences
3. Selecteer hulpen die bij jou passen

Compare cleaner profiles, prices and select who will receive your request

Je kan de profielen van de hulpen vergelijken en kiezen wat bij jou past

4. Send your booking request
4. Verstuur je verzoeken

The first cleaner that accepts the request will clean your home

De eerste hulp die accepteert komt bij jou schoonmaken

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More than


has a recurring booking

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Reasons to book via Helpling

Helpling's marketplace is transparent

All cleaners on our platform have a personal profile where they can present themselves. In this public profile you can read reviews from other customers, but also the hourly rate they charge for a cleaning. In addition, cleaners can add a photo, personal text, Certificate of Conduct (VOG) and references from previous customers or employers. Cleaners set their own hourly rate, but take into account a minimum of € 14.75 per hour.

Manage your appointments easily

Log in on the website or download the app for an overview of your appointments. If you want to add, reschedule or cancel an appointment, you can easily arrange this yourself. You can also contact your cleaner through your account. There is a chat function in which you can easily send messages that are only visible to you and the cleaner that has accepted your booking requests.

Helpful customer service

Is there still something not clear to you? Do you need help? Then you can contact our customer service.The customer service is happy to provide support so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or request. Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. You can reach us at [email protected] or call us 085 8888 338.


What is Helpling?

Helpling is the leading marketplace for cleaning services in the Netherlands. We are not a cleaning agency or cleaning company, we are an intermediary platform that helps match customers like you with domestic cleaners. Through Helpling, you can book a cleaner in 60 seconds. Once you have booked a cleaner you should arrange with them what specific cleaning tasks you would like them to undertake, for example ironing or oven cleaning.

Who are the cleaners working via Helpling?

The cleaners who work through our platform have diverse backgrounds. A large proportion have worked in the home care or cleaning sector, others have gained experience running their households. Every cleaner is checked on his or her ID. A large part of the cleaners are in possession of a VOG (Certificate of Behavior). This is indicated in the public profile of every cleaners. The assessment of households that have been cleaned is important, all cleaners have their own profile on which you can read reviews. Cleaners working through Helpling have an average rating of 4.8 / 5 stars.

How does the first clean go?

Not one household is the same. When your cleaner comes to your home for the first time, it is good to agree on what should be done and what is important. Cleaners have often have (professional) experience, but coordinating what needs to be done is useful. On the first visit, walk around the house together and indicate what you think is important. We also recommend you to explain where all cleaning products and appliances are stored. Do you have special preferences or are there surfaces that need extra attention? Discuss this with your cleaner before the cleaner starts.

Do I have to be home for the first clean?

We strongly recommend that you are home for the first clean of your booking to show your cleaner around. Some customers choose to give a spare key to their cleaner, but this decision is based on individual preferences. Please remember that Helpling takes no part or responsibility in the key-handling process.

Who provides the cleaning supplies?

The household should provide the necessary cleaning supplies.

How does the payment work?

The payment of the cleaner (labour costs) and the fee for the use of the platform (commission) is made through an external payment provider called Stripe. When you make a booking for the first time, you also enter your payment details. You thereby give Stripe permission for a continuous direct debit mandate. After every appointment, your cleaner can indicate whether the appointment has taken place and whether there are changes in, for example, the duration of the appointment. After confirmation, invoices will be automatically sent and the amount will be charged to the payment method you have chosen. In your account you can see two invoices per appointment: The invoice from the cleaner (wage costs) and the invoice from Helpling (commission).

Are the cleaners insured?

Cleaners are insured through Helpling for material damage. If something breaks due to the cleaner's actions, you can claim through the damage insurance, which will cover damage up to € 5,000,000. A deductible of €350 is included in the conditions. However, as a household and therefore employer of your cleaner, you should ensure a safe working environment. If injury is caused by an unsafe working environment, you as an employer can be held responsible for the damage suffered.

What if my cleaner cancels the appointment or is sick?

We always ask the cleaners who work through the platform to contact you themselves in the event of absence or illness. This way, you can look together at the possibilities for a new appointment, for example. Keep in mind that you as an employer have an obligation to continue payment in the event of illness for a maximum of 6 weeks, at a minimum of 70% percent of the wage or the minimum wage. If you would like a short term replacement, you can contact our customer service to see what the possibilities are.

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