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Easiest way to manage your cleaning jobs

Hi, we're Helpling, The Netherlands’ leading online cleaning platform, and we are always looking for motivated cleaners! Our platform is simple: we match those looking for a reliable cleaner with cleaners in the same area. One of the perks of working with Helpling is that you are your own boss, and therefore completely free to manage your own cleaning jobs. Once you register with Helpling as a cleaner you can select when, where and how often you want to work. If you are working around 30 hours per week this can already earn you up to 1.400 € per month. Our platform will match you with available housekeeping jobs in your region, and it's completely up to you to accept or decline the amount of jobs you want.

The benefits of working with Helpling's platform include:

  • Attractive pay: Earn up to 12 € an hour.
  • Complete flexibility: Choose when, where, and how often you work.
  • Direct support: Professional guidance and support from our team.
  • Regular payment: Your earnings are paid twice a month.

How it works

Applying on our website just takes two minutes, and once you’ve applied we’ll schedule a phone call with you. In this call we’ll discuss your work experience and we’ll explain you how our platform works to see if it’s interesting for you. As soon as you’ve handed in your identity document, we’ll make sure you are able to request a certificate of good conduct. As soon as you’ve received this document, we’ll give you another call to explain you how to use your online account. Within your account you’re able to fill in when and where you want to work. At that time you’ll start receiving job offers! Job offers come in through our app, SMS and email, so you are able to use the platform whenever you like.You decide if you want to accept or reject the job offer. It’s obviously always possible to change your availability settings.

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Requirements to use the Helpling platform

With Helpling you can find housekeeping jobs throughout the Netherlands. Based on your location you will be matched with customers in the same area. Most of the available cleaning jobs in the Netherlands are in bigger cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, and Haarlem, but our service is available in many other Dutch cities. In order to see if Helpling is active in your desired work region, simply enter your postal code.

Before you sign up with Helpling to work as a cleaner, please make sure you meet (or are willing to meet) the following requirements:

  • Experience in the cleaning industry
  • Access to the Internet (we'll do everything online)
  • Work permit for the Netherlands
  • Certificate of good conduct (VOG in Dutch)
  • Dutch bank account
  • Good communication skills in either Dutch or English

Are you a motivated cleaner and are you interested in having access to more housekeeping jobs and would you like to benefit from our personal support? Please check your postal code and fill in the contact form. Helpling will contact you directly on available cleaning jobs within your area.

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